Zeroboard CEO Michitaka Tokeiji Selected as a Member of the METI Meeting of the Study Group on Product Carbon Footprint Calculations and Verification


 Zeroboard, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Michitaka Tokeiji, “the Company”), a developer and provider of zeroboard, a cloud service to calculate and visualize GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, is pleased to announced that our CEO Michitaka Tokeiji has been selected as a member of the Meeting of the Study Group on Product Carbon Footprint Calculations and Verification for Supply Chain-Wide Carbon Neutrality (the “Meeting”), organized by the Environmental Economics Office of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

 In July 2021, the Company became the first in Japan to offer a cloud service solution to enable companies to calculate the emissions of their entire supply chain (Scope 1-3). Since then, we have had many discussions with different user companies and have been the first in the industry to implement functions that are highly needed by companies, such as the ability to obtain and manage primary data from suppliers and the ability to calculate GHG emissions by product and service.


In this Meeting, the following two points shall be discussed with the aim of creating a market where more green products are selected to reduce emissions throughout the supply chain to achieve carbon neutrality and lead to the growth of our country.

・”CFP (Carbon Footprint of Products) Report (tentative)”

The report summarizes the situation surrounding CFP in Japan and abroad. Based on the situation, it considers rules that should be referred to from the perspective of reducing emissions throughout the supply chain of Japanese companies and strengthening the competitiveness of products and industries, and clarifies the direction of policy responses related to CFP.

・”CFP (Carbon Footprint of Products) Guideline (tentative)”

Guidelines to ensure at least some degree of certainty for the calculation and verification of CFP by organizing and fulfilling the items and frameworks considered specifically necessary from the above-mentioned perspectives.

 As a member of the Review Board, Tokeiji will share his accumulated knowledge and current situations of companies. Through the formulation of CFP reports and CFP guidelines, he will contribute to the policy making for reducing emissions in the entire supply chain and the improvement of competitiveness of Japanese businesses.

■Introduction of representative

Zeroboard, Inc. CEO Michitaka Tokeiji
Graduated from Faculty of Engineering The university of Tokyo

After working in the bond and derivatives business at J.P. Morgan, he moved to Mitsui & Co. He has been involved in commodity derivatives, energy x ICT related business investments and new business startups. After leading the organization of VPP demonstrations in Europe and the launch of the commercial air conditioning subscription service[T1] , he moved to A.L.I. Technologies. Formed a number of energy-related projects, including an electricity traceability system and a microgrid demonstration (national project). Since the end of 2020, in response to the global trend toward a decarbonized society, he began developing zeroboard, a cloud service for calculating GHG emissions for businesses. In September 2021, the business was bought to start as Zeroboard, Inc.

■ METI Website
1st Meeting of the Study Group on Product Carbon Footprint Calculations and Verification for Supply Chain-Wide Carbon Neutrality

Functions and Features of GHG Emissions Calculation and Visualization Cloud Service zeroboard

A cloud service for calculating and visualizing the GHG emissions from corporate activities and originating from the supply chain, based on the GHG Protocol*1 international standards.

・Calculations of GHG emissions by product or service, and of supply chain emissions (Scope 1 to 3)*2, which require vast amounts of data processing

・With a highly legible dashboard, GHG emissions reduction management and cost-performance simulation functions

・In addition to international disclosure formats such as for the GHG Protocol, output is also available in report formats for Japanese environmental laws

・User-friendly controls requiring no specialized knowledge

・Validity confirmed by international review and certification organization (verification based on ISO14064-3*3)

*1: International standards for calculating and reporting GHG emissions
*2: Categories for the scope of calculating and reporting GHG emissions for business operators
(Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions from the company’s business activities, Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions from using electricity, heat, or steam provided by another company, Scope 3: Other supply chain GHG emissions related to business activities not covered by the first two)
*3: ISO14064-3: Principles and guidance for verifying and validating GHG statements, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

■Company Overview

Zeroboard Inc.(
Head Office: Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 22F, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-6022
Representative Director: Michitaka Tokeiji
Established: August 24th, 2021
Business Overview: Development and provision of GHG emissions calculation and visualization cloud service zeroboard, electricity/environmental value consulting, branding/campaign support

GHG Emissions Calculation and Visualization Cloud Service zeroboard:
Public Relations & Branding Office:



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