Zeroboard Signs MOU with Bank of Ayudhya – Krungsri for Partnership in Support of Decarbonization Management


Building an ecosystem with a local partner in Asia

Zeroboard, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Michitaka Tokeiji, “the Company”), a developer and provider of zeroboard, a cloud service to calculate and visualize GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, held a ceremony on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Bank of Ayudhya (Bangkok, Thailand, President and CEO: Seiichiro Akita, Vice President: Yoshiyuki Horio, locally known as Krungsri), a banking corporation based in Thailand, to support decarbonization management in Thailand.

The signing ceremony (from left) Vice President Yoshiyuki Horio, President and CEO Seiichiro Akita of Bank of Ayudhya, CEO Michitaka Tokeiji of Zeroboard, Inc.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, the Company, together with five partner companies, announced * its expansion into Thailand to support decarbonization management, aiming to understand and reduce GHG emissions for Japanese companies’ manufacturing sites including the entire supply chain. Concluding this MOU is part of the expansion of solution partners in the decarbonization area that we have been promoting since the foundation.

Bank of Ayudhya, a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), is Thailand’s fifth largest commercial bank by assets and has one of the largest market shares in Thailand for Japanese corporate transactions. With the conclusion of this MOU, the two companies can utilize Bank of Ayudhya’s network in Thailand and other ASEAN countries to expand support for decarbonization management not only to Japanese companies but also to local corporations. The Company will realize calculation and visualization of GHG emissions through provision of the zeroboard, while Bank of Ayudhya will provide sustainable finance and solutions to support the implementation of decarbonization initiatives.

* Press release dated August 24, 2022: Zeroboard, together with five partners, launched decarbonization management support in Thailand.

The Company will exhibit our zeroboard at the ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK 2022 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from Wednesday, September 14th to Friday the 16th, 2022. Through the exhibition, we will promote the significance of the goal of decarbonization in Thailand as well as the functions and benefits of the zeroboard to businesses, and will update the functions and solutions based on customer feedback.

Zeroboard booth at the ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK 2022

Comments from Each Company

Bank of Ayudhya President and CEO Seiichiro Akita
Decarbonization is a top priority of business in a global perspective. Krungsri, just as MUFG, is committed to achieving net zero GHG emissions from its investment and loan portfolio by 2050. In Japan, MUFG and Zeroboard have supported over 200 corporate clients in Japan in decarbonizing their businesses by introducing zeroboard to them. We are glad to be able to offer this kind of service to our Thai customers. We are confident that Zeroboard’s advanced technology and our financial services will support our Thai customers in their efforts to effectively decarbonize their businesses by introducing GHG emissions calculation and visualization services, especially in the supply chain, which is a very difficult area to manage.

Zeroboard Inc. CEO Michitaka Tokeiji
We are very pleased to have a memorandum of understanding for partnership signed with Bank of Ayudhya, also a member of the MUFG group, through the relationship with our partner, MUFG Bank. We are very encouraged as we move forward with our marketing efforts in Thailand. In order for Japan to lead the decarbonization in Asia, we believe that collaboration with a variety of local partners is essential. Combining Bank of Ayudhya’s network with our technology, we aim to make zeroboard the de facto standard for GHG’s data infrastructure, and together, we hope to increase our presence in Asia.

Functions and Features of GHG Emissions Calculation and Visualization Cloud Service zeroboard

A cloud service for calculating and visualizing the GHG emissions from corporate activities and originating from the supply chain, based on the GHG Protocol*1 international standards.

・Calculations of GHG emissions by product or service, and of supply chain emissions (Scope 1 to 3)*2, which require vast amounts of data processing

・With a highly legible dashboard, GHG emissions reduction management and cost-performance simulation functions

・In addition to international disclosure formats such as for the GHG Protocol, output is also available in report formats for Japanese environmental laws

・User-friendly controls requiring no specialized knowledge

・Validity confirmed by international review and certification organization (verification based on ISO14064-3*3)

*1: International standards for calculating and reporting GHG emissions
*2: Categories for the scope of calculating and reporting GHG emissions for business operators
(Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions from the company’s business activities, Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions from using electricity, heat, or steam provided by another company, Scope 3: Other supply chain GHG emissions related to business activities not covered by the first two)
*3: ISO14064-3: Principles and guidance for verifying and validating GHG statements, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

■Company Overview

・Zeroboard Inc.
Head Office:Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 22F, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-6022
Representative:CEO Michitaka Tokeiji
Established: August 24th, 2021
Business Overview:Development and provision of GHG emissions calculation and visualization cloud service zeroboard, electricity/environmental value consulting, branding/campaign support

・Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (Krungsri)
Head Office:1222 Rama III Road, Bang Phongphang, Yan Nawa 10120 Bangkok
Representative:President and CEO Seiichiro Akita
Established:January 27th, 1945
Business Overview:banking

GHG Emissions Calculation and Visualization Cloud Service zeroboard:
Public Relations & Branding Office:



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